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Will the Bio3-Blaster™ Solve my Odor Problem?

Will this ozone generator work for me? That’s a question I sometimes hear the answer is emphatically, yes, If you have an odor problem or need and ozone machine to sanitize an area to make it free of germs viruses or bacteria .Our high output ozone Machines are right for you. The fact is that ozone gas in high concentrations will destroy germs nearly 3000x faster than chlorine and it literally destroys virtually any organic odors, when you follow the rules. Our machines can never be used near people plants or pets or even when they are present. We have ODOR REMOVAL CONTRACTORS using our ozone equipment on 5 continents to prove it. Watch our video testimonials for ROCK SOLID PROOF!We build our HIGH OUTPUT ozone machines to produce RAW OUTPUT and HIGH POWER and to be super tough and ready for any job-site or real world conditions. They don’t cover up odors they DESTROY THEM! (source: Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association Volume 22, Issue 10, 1972 )

FIY:On these videos you can see 2011 Unit design. We now carry Updated 2015 models, but all same pronciples are applicaple to new machines!!!!

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