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Even More Affordable and Powerful DIY Nontoxic Mold and Mildew Removal

After looking over the ozone generators available and watching yours and other companies YouTube videos we did decide to order the Home Generator from your company. I did figure out we could make the purchase with a credit card through Pay Pal securely; I don't use Pay Pal enough to have realized that was possible until this purchase. We have used the ozone blaster and are very impressed with its output and the results!
Mary Norris

Y'all make some sturdy, powerful machines most worthy of praise, and could easily put the competition to shame! I was quite pleased with how it performed and can't imagine even a professional complaining about how well it worked!
Kenneth Walter

Allen Hank

Ever since I got the ozone machines, my businesses have been very demanding. I have finally just done my first 2 ozone jobs. 1 paid and 1 for our own listing. It worked great for both. I ran the 3 machines for 8 hours. The results at both houses were amazing by the way. Thanks a lot Charles

Hi Charles, The machine works great but basically we have only used it on 2 jobs. It worked great for those but for us to keep something in the shop, we need to actually be able to put it to good use. So, for that reason we decided to let someone else that has a use for it buy it. I'm still a big fan of your machines and more so, you personally.

We purchased a Vertical Ozone Tornado 30k in 2015 for a badly smoked 1200 sq ft building. We removed everything that we could out of the building.And used the ozone machine to remove the smoke odor from the remaining parts of the structure. We are very pleased with the results. After running the machine for 28hr periods. Also we have contacted the owner on multiple occasions and spoke with the owner for advice. He was very helpful. Happy in Olkahoma!
Henry Watson

I just got back from ISRAEL -2 weeks off :))
Thank you for sending the machine and all the videos to learn.Yesterday was our hotel demo and it was success, and they got very good impression. I'm still on my way home between airports.Will call you this eve or tomorrow morning to discuss about it and to get your advice about charging fare that we should or existing In The market for hotels room and for their conference room which we had to demo and did great job.
Thank you again
Eli cohen

"My brother will be ordering a machine from you tomorrow. He is having some medical issues and I asked him to come over to try some ozone water I made for him and so he could use the ozonated oil I made. Within 45 min or so he did notice a slight difference in his legs. So he will be getting a machine of his own to at least get some good healing ozone water into his body and to use it for a bath soak. He is in desperate need of ozonating his body for his medical issues. His name is Steve Lloyd. I appreciate all your help."
Thank You,
Sandra Mann

"I believe that a business relationship should be primarily based on trust, which is why I thought it was important to mention what a great machine you have.

I ordered the Rugged Pro Jr and after using it I love it.
I must tell you, here in Quebec, Canada, we have an expression that says:
"C'EST DE LA BOMBE"!!! ( this is the bomb) And it applies very well to your generators
I plan to make a video of appreciation, when it is done, I send it." so good evening
Thank You!
Steve Poulin

Domenic DeFazio
Website: www.supernovacarpet.com

"After using your machine a few times, I have to say I am very happy with the performance! I am planning to purchase a larger machine to move forward with adding this as a service to my business.

I work with many Realtors, Investors and PM companies and I am hoping to create a bigger need for this type of service! I was wondering if there is literature I can use from the FDA or anything of the sort to use for marketing this? I know you supply some business plans and I am interested to learn more about that and If there is marketing material to help? I also wanted to know where I could start as far as providing some sort of assurance to my clients. Can I buy test kits to test air or surfaces to show that after Ozone use, it did what I said it would do and killed any germs, micro-organisms, etc?"

Phillip Fry, Professional Industrial Hygienist, Certified Environmental Hygienist, and webmaster of the EnviroFry Upkeep Masters, LLC.
Website: www.moldexpertconsultants.com

"I am very impressed with the high 80 mg/hour ozone gas output; vertically-oriented, high velocity output fan; high quality manufacture including built in wheels and pull handle; and very high tech look of Charles Bohdy's new, patented invention, the Tornado ozone generator. We used our newly-purchased Tornado this past week in the remediation of a large warehouse in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our client's manager was so taken with the looks and functionality of the Tornado that he took several pictures of it. I have known Charles since 2001, and we use his company's ozone generators exclusively and regularly in our mold remediation projects across the USA and Asia. I highly recommend that mold remediation companies and property owners and managers buy their own Tornado to increase the mold and odor killing effectiveness of mold and odor removal work that they do."

"I read all of these comments and thhougt this must be too good to be true . But my mother-in-laws house, which has smelled of cat urine and mothballs for the 23 years I have known my husband, is about to be rented by my daughter. I did not want her to have to suffer that, and worse, carry that pervasive smell on her. So I ordered the room shockers. I am absolutely amazed. The house smells like .NOTHING! The product does exactly what it states. Even the clothes in the closets are deodorized. And the furniture is odor free (this is a house in which I refused to sit down for fear of picking up the smells). The only thing that shocks me is that I had never heard of this product before but believe you me, everyone I know is going to hear about it! Thank you so so much."

Thank You,

"I wanted to give you an update. I see a nurse who does muscle testing on all my vitamins and everything else. I took my machine to my appointment to have the ozonated water tested on myself. I also brought spring water from the store with me. She first tested me on the plain water only so Ice Mountain tested 0% good, then Evian tested 30% good, then she tested her R/O water which tested 50% good. So I used her R/O water to ozonate for 10 min. She tested it on me and it was 100% good!! She then tested the water with the addition of potassium from low sodium V8 juice and my arm bounced upward. I guess that's even better than 100%. So I tested for about 5-6 glasses of ozonated R/O water per day.

She tested me for the ozonated olive oil too and that was 100% good for me as well.

My son tested 100% and the other ladies in the office tested 100% too. I didn't know previously but they told me that you can refill your own water jugs at Meijer with Culligan R/O water. That will be a good option for me until I can get something for the whole house or the filters you have for under the sink.

So I wanted to thank you for making all those videos which I happened to come across and began to watch them all. You are a blessing that God is using for His good purpose."

Thank You,
Sandra M. Detroit Michigan

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