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"My brother will be ordering a machine from you tomorrow. He is having some medical issues and I asked him to come over to try some ozone water I made for him and so he could use the ozonated oil I made. Within 45 min or so he did notice a slight difference in his legs. So he will be getting a machine of his own to at least get some good healing ozone water into his body and to use it for a bath soak. He is in desperate need of ozonating his body for his medical issues. His name is Steve Lloyd. I appreciate all your help."
Thank You,
Sandra Mann

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"I believe that a business relationship should be primarily based on trust, which is why I thought it was important to mention what a great machine you have.

I ordered the Rugged Pro Jr and after using it I love it.
I must tell you, here in Quebec, Canada, we have an expression that says:
"C'EST DE LA BOMBE"!!! ( this is the bomb) And it applies very well to your generators
I plan to make a video of appreciation, when it is done, I send it." so good evening
Thank You!
Steve Poulin

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