About Us

The Bio3blaster Team is dedicated and committed to designing and building the best ozone machines on Earth. We hand build each machine in Carlisle Township, Ohio, and are committed to making our machines practical real world tools for use by both contractors and homeowners alike. Our product designer is a Nationally recognized mold remediation expert who after many years of using every national brand of ozone generator, was frustrated with their efficacy functionality and durability. One day he decided to take apart the many broken ozone generators on his repair shelf, over a dozen from nearly as many manufacturers. To his dismay all were built nearly identically, a bent piece of sheet metal with a tiny little computer fan, on one end and transformers and plates interrupting the air flow out of the unit.

He locked himself into his shop and began to design a better more durable practical unit. Over the last seven years he has continuously innovated and designed many new products with one USA patent issued and nearly a dozen patents in line waiting for the patent office to grant them. Our entire product line is designed to perform the function of generating massive amounts of gas and to be a useful practical tool. We have relationships with some of the largest manufacturers in America like Shop Vac Rigid and others, and source as many parts from the USA that we can. We are committed to customer satisfaction and we are here for your needs long after your check has cleared. Invest in a Bioblaster ozone machine today, and see for yourself.