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Now You Can Swim Poison Free in Your Own Pool Using Our Bioblaster Bionic™ Automated Chlorine/ Chemical Free/ No Salt Swimming pool System

Do you love to swim, but hate the way the chlorine makes your hair and skin feel?
Are you worried what the toxic chloramines in pool water are doing to your children when they swim?
Now Available, a new way to purify and sanitize your pool without the addition of toxic chlorine or heavy salt and chlorine mixtures.

Our patent pending pool system allows you to keep bacteria and algae at bay using a unique blend of ozone and mineral ions that have been demonstrated to kill germs for thousands of years, all without yucky smelly chlorine, and still keep your water crystal clear all season or all year long.

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When our family moved to Florida, we got our first in-ground swimming pool & my young children, loved it. They spent hours each day swimming & playing. What I noticed in the first few weeks, is that our daughter hair had become brittle & their skin dry. Worried what this could do to the rest of their bodies, I began to study traditional chlorine disinfection and discovered just how toxic and poisonous chlorine is to our bodies. I also travel for business and every hotel I stay at has a swimming pool. The smell coming from those hotel swimming pools is obnoxious! Every single person I know who has ever gone swimming in a swimming pool understands the phrase that stinks like swimming pool water!

What if I told you that It doesn’t have to be this way? That when you buy our system, you can enjoy and get the crystal clear fresh water, you need, without any added smells or chemicals!

When I looked at the products in the marketplace for eliminating chlorine I found that they either used other substitute poisonous chemicals like bromine, or they used salt water and an electrolyser. The bromine is poisonous and when you electrolyze salt water, you are splitting the Na from the Cl leaving free chlorine and sodium, not a healthy broth to swim in either; and surprise, surprise, it still means you are swimming in CHLORINE!

The ozone systems I found were also very low output from that which is needed to actually sanitize and kill the germs. Most of these system use low Milligrams of ozone per hour, in the hundreds and not tens of thousands of milligrams, needed to truly sanitize and kill germs. In addition most of the systems failed to actively mix the ozone & to nanotize the bubbles of ozone & most of it ends up off gassing immediately & not working effectively.

These systems promised less chlorine but not the elimination of it. Mineralizing ion generators alone don’t work either, as they work pretty well at controlling algae and bacteria but still need chlorine to make the pool water stay clear. In other words, neither the ion generating system nor the ozone systems worked to ELIMINATE chlorine!

I wanted an automatic system, one that came on when my pool came on and turned off when my pool turned off, completely automatic. I didn’t want to use less chlorine, I wanted to use NO chlorine whatsoever! I knew that in order to eliminate chlorine altogether, I needed to deal effectively with the algae, bacteria, viruses, protozoa and other microbes that create unhealthy and turbid water. This system had to be different than any other system on the market, and had to ELIMINATE ALL CHLORINE and WORK AUTOMATICALLY!

I built my first successful system and tested it on my own family`s pool, It worked FLAWLESLY and AUTOMATICALLY, and best of all I didn’t need to pay the pool man $150 per month any more!

The first few weeks our family swam in the water, we discovered something amazing, rather than drying out our skin and hair, both were left softer and silkier. My wife and daughters were ecstatic. We ran the pool all year long on the system and other than normal backflushing maintenance every 3-4 months, no other chemicals were ever used! Best of all it turned on and off automatically when the pool filter systems turns on and off. No need to hire a pool boy, and with a robotic floor sweeper the pool stays clean automatically all the time!

I knew I had to offer this to the millions of other pool owners in America and Around the world, who hate the stinky smelly water in their swimming pools, and also hate paying for pool service every month, but love to swim.

Our pool system not only offers crystal clear chemical free healthy swimming pool water, it makes it that way using only the power of Oxygen, and ionic minerals. You get softer skin, silkier hair and can truly enjoy your swim each and every day without the obnoxious stink of smelly chlorine. Many studies have been done showing the benefits of oxygen on human health, and you will get to experience the healthy hair and skin that you need even if you are a daily swimmer. If you love to swim this is priceless. Best of all if you invest in one of our chlorine free automatic pools systems they practically pay for themselves!

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The typical payback of your investment is made by not paying for chemicals and not having to hire a pool service is only one to two years! That means the system practically pays for itself in no time flat, while you and your family enjoy the benefits right from day one!

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Bioblaster BionicTM Automated Chlorine/ Chemical Free/ No Salt Swimming pool System 80,000gallon

The cost is comparable to the unit you are replacing every 1-2 years and can be repaired and maintained easily. It comes with a 1 year bumper to bumper unlimited guarantee which can be renewed and a 5 yr Manufacturers defect warranty.

Fire Your Pool Boy and Stop Swimming in Toxic Chlorine Soup!

Our unique chemical free system uses NO CHLORINE OR SALT! It comes with a 1 year bumper to bumper unlimited guarantee which can be renewed and a 5 yr Manufacturers defect warranty.

Swimming pool System up to 75,000 gallon

Swimming pool System up to 40,000 gallon

Swimming pool System up to 35,000 gallon

Swimming pool System up to 30,000 gallon

Swimming pool System up to 25,000 gallon

Swimming pool System up to 20,000 gallon

Swimming pool System up to 10,000 gallon

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