All You Need to know: FAQ

What’s the Warranty?

We offer one of the best warranties available anywhere. It’s the only one with absolutely no hidden costs or fine print. Our warranty is simply this:Unconditional 1 year Service Warranty: We are so certain that our machines are un-paralleled, in terms of output, durability, and reliability, that for one year from the date of shipment; we will completely repair or replace the machine FREE regardless of abuse from the buyer (Drop it in acid, smash it with a hammer, shoot it with a 30 ought six, or run it over with a truck!). The cost for the repair and or replacement to the consumer is nothing. Additionally if the buyer elects he may participate in our Lifetime Guarantee program which will extend these benefits forever. There is a $100 per annum renewal fee that is applicable. No other terms or conditions apply except that the shipping is the cost of the buyer..

FIY:On these videos you can see 2011 Unit design. We now carry Updated 2015 models, but all same pronciples are applicaple to new machines!!!!

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