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What is Mg/h? How Honest are Manufacturer output Claims?

While taking apart virtually every ozone machine available for sale online and off, and while researching how to build the better Ozone Generator , I made some startling discoveries. I discovered some brutal facts. I discovered that many of the ozone companies out there are not honest, when it comes to rating their machines output. That’s right I said it they misrepresent the truth, for example one company claims there machines can treat 4000 sq. ft. When we tested it in our test chamber it only reached 5ppm, in one hour. What does that mean???? Well, 6 ppm is the minimum necessary to kill viruses and bacteria, and folks this was a 12x12 room that's only 144 sq. ft. not 4000 sq. feet !!!

Our machines use a manufactured laboratory rated paddle cell design, coupled with a paired high quality HIGH VOLTAGE transformer. The rule of thumb I discovered is that you get roughly 1 milligram per hour per volt of electricity. SO if you use a 4000 volt transformer you get roughly 4000 milligrams per hour. There is even one online company that promises a whopping 15,500 mg/ph for a 4000 volt transformer based machine. This is simply scientifically impossible.

The other trick that these dishonest companies use is to exaggerate the square footage capacities of their machines. Just ask them what the plate is rated for and what is the voltage. That is all you need to know to understand whether they are lying. Really high output machines like ours cost thousands of dollars and they are more FRAGILE to boot!

Disclaimer: *Warning folks this statement has not been evaluated by a laboratory or gov't agency it is strictly our opinion and those of our customers based on real world feedback and years of using and testing our competitor's machines in our ozone test chamber using Eco-Sensors calibrated and certified ozone testing equipment visit:

FIY:On these videos you can see 2011 Unit design. We now carry Updated 2015 models, but all same pronciples are applicaple to new machines!!!!

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