All You Need to know: FAQ

Can I Use Your BiO3Blasters to Start My Own Business?

Absolutely! We offer several exciting business packages. Whether you want to start an Odor Removal Business or a Sanitizing Business or an All Natural Mold Remediation Business or if you are a Licensed Pest Control Operator one of our business equipment packages are right for you. We strive to make our equipment the ultra durable an powerful, able to handle the rigors of daily use. We have had many success stories, with hard work dedication and desire you can be one of them. The best part is…We not only offer the equipment… we can teach you the valuable science of attracting customers! To learn more about starting your own business, you need to fill out one of our forms to learn more or to have a representative contact you!

Earnings Disclaimer* In life, as in business there is no guarantee of success except that which is produced by direct individual effort and achievement. Buying our business systems or equipment will not guarantee individual profit or success; your success will depend on many factors including , but not limited to geography, population, intelligence and individual effort and commitment to succeed. With no action all that you will get are awesome ozone machines gathering dust, that will make you nothing!

FIY:On these videos you can see 2011 Unit design. We now carry Updated 2015 models, but all same pronciples are applicaple to new machines!!!!