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What Kind of Machine Is Right For Me?

First you must determine if you are going to use this machine for your house, exclusively or if you are interested in starting your own business. Next you must decide: what is the maximum square footage you are trying to treat at once? Our homeowner’s machines are high powered and our contractor machines are ultra rugged contractor grade tools not fragile appliances . Watch all of the videos carefully and make the decision that is right for you.

Disclaimer: Warning folks, These statements are strictly based on our experience and belief based on many years of real world ozone use in our nation wide mold remediation business and selling and consulting with ozone customers from around the world CHECK OUR "WHAT MACHINE IS RIGHT FOR ME" TAB AND CLICK ON YOUR APPLICATION"

FIY:On these videos you can see 2011 Unit design. We now carry Updated 2015 models, but all same pronciples are applicaple to new machines!!!!

Ozone Machines 220v