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Would you Like to Learn My DEEPEST Most Profound Mold Remediation Insider Secrets! You See Professional Mold Contractors Routinely Pay Me To Teach Them My All-Natural Mold-Removal Secrets

Rather than paying Big Bucks to sit at my seminars I designed a special All Natural Mold Removal ProCourse, Certification, and Equipment System brought directly to you!

You and I understand that in these trying times, the only one you can truly depend on is yourself.And most professional mold contractors are charging thousands not hundreds of dollars to solve mold problems-and i most cases they are not even solving the problem!

What’s worse is- the sad truth is: there are as many hare-brained schemes out there for mold clean-up as there are mold remediation contractors!

That’s right if you get five mold clean up bids, you are likely to hear five different stories about why it should be done this way or that way.Unfortunately, there is a ton of mis-leading and confusing information out there about just how to go about mold removal effectively, and the Internet can be contradictory.

You need to know a dirty little secret about the mold remediation industry----Most professional mold remediators are terrible at what they do! Sadly, it’s not their fault they are the victims of the bad training they receive when getting their mold certifications.

In my career as a mold consultant I have been hired hundreds of times to correct mold jobs that wereprofessionally done by other certified contractors: the problem was though; that each and every time I was hired like that, it was because the treatment done by the so called PRO had FAILED!

Do you think you can learn to be better than them?

Well the answer is you can know more than them just by owning and implementing my special All Natural Mold Removal Pro Contractor and equipment System!

You and people just like you are the reason I created it in the first place.

Over the years so many customers have asked me for advice on how to start their own mold remediation business that I was actually forced to create this amazing offer and system.

Mold removal is not rocket science… boiled down to its bare essentials… it is little more than basic demolition and clean-up work- with a twist.

You see the tricky part is: these mold spores are ALIVE andthey CAN hurt you and your customers.

Unlike normal demolition and clean-up work, where the most you need to worry about is breathing the dust, and cleaning thoroughly; mold removal is unlike cleaning up any normal dust.

In just one square inch of flowering mold there are over 3-5 million spores.

And, because they are alive you have to get all of them, or they will come right back and continue to haunt your customer and their family and if not handled properly can even damage your health.

The three biggest challenges to permanent eradication for a Remediation Contractor are knowing what to use, how to apply it and in the know- how of where to obtain the and how to use the expensive equipment that needs to be used to effect a permanent cure….. and let’s not forget to mention which products to use in which orderto permanently eradicate the mold and more importantly it roots!

Just for you I created the All Natural Mold Removal Pro Contractor and Equipment System.

It combines the best information and my Top Secret all natural formulas with the Certifications and the right know how and lastly the contractor grade essential basic tools to get the job done right, the first time in PERMANENT FASHION!

That right, I have put together a complete Mold Remediation Professional Business System on how to safely and effectively clean up any mold problem that also includes the basic essential tools that cannot be easily rented to get the job done right and how to use the tools.

  • Even If you have never worked with mold before
  • If you do not know where to start
  • Even if you do not have any certifications but you need them
  • If you have no tools and don’t know which ones you should be using
  • If you know Mold is dangerous and you suspect it is causing you or someone you know has serious health problems
  • If you know Mold is gold and you want in on the action
  • If you don't want to waste your life working for someone else
  • If you want to start charging for the service you want to try to make a fortune
  • If you don't want to waste your life "working for the man"
  • If you want to learn how remove drywall, carpet or furnishings or without contaminating the rest of the structure
  • Do you want a PROVEN SYSTEM that will be easy to do, a practical simple effective all natural permanent mold solution?
  • Do you want to learn the basics of negative pressure air flow containments and get results better than most Pro’s?
  • Do you want to have the option of making money from the information you learned by offering a simple service?
  • Do you want to start fixing mold problems professionally now?

What If You Had The Exact Same Equipment Protocols & Procedures To Solve Any Mold Problem Big or Small?

Remember, I Have Repeatedly Witnessed First Hand What Mold Will Do If you Do Not Handle It Correctly... I have been hired countless times in dozens of states to correct projects that have been botched by other so-called Professional contractors!

What makes you different ,Charlie? Why should I trust you???

Simple:I have been a Nationwide Mold Removal Contractor for over 12 years and I have been a mold victim too, for that reason I CARED enough to develop the Best System to solve any mold problem permanently and I have already trained many other Mold Professionals to use my system who are already succeediing and you can too!

This is a Photograph of the left side of my left Calf in October 2006 when I suffered a massive internal fungal infection!!

I have been in business since 1995 repairing foundations performing basement water-proofing and mold remediation. I also am an Author and Inventor and I designed and sell my own line of oxygen cannons and equipment for the Odor Removal, Water Restoration, Mold Remediation, and Pest Control industries and homeowners with mold problems just like your potential customers. Recently I patented a new All Green Pest Control and Bedbug Elimination system. In each of my businesses I have made revolutionary advances that have literally changed the face of their respective Industry by improving the existing out-dated techniques. I have also written three books about them. Last year I treated attic mold, or performed attic mold removal in over 40 states in the Union.

How does this affect me , you ask? My All Natural Mold Removal system will teach you to solve any attic, crawlspace or basement mold problem better than the competition!

You see, I discovered to my surprise about 10 years ago, that the chemicals that were being used by my so-called mold removal competitors (and indeed by most of the industry) not only DIDN’T WORK on porous surfaces… which is about EVERY surface that mold would grow on in a house (or duct system too)! I also discovered that most of these chemicals contain NO ingredients that KILL the spores (the most important but hardest things to kill) and also …that they leave behind RESIDUAL TOXIC CHEMICAL POISONS that in some case are WORSE than the poisons the MOLD makes!

Yikes! I found this out the hard way, cause in the beginning, believe it or not, back then I used the same old chemicals that everyone else in the attic mold removal/attic mold remediation industry STILL USES!

The active ingredients In Over 98% of all fungicides are: Benzylconium Chloride, Sodium Hypochlorite, Quaternary Amonia, the phenol group, and lastly the chlorothalonil fungicides. I was using a product called IAQ2000. It was EPA registered and Biodegradable, supposedly safe stuff….. What happened?

Do you know how I found out that these chemicals didn’t work and were poisonous?

I contracted work with three "special Ladies"? that got sick from the chemicals I used in their homes.

I call these ladies "special"? because due to living with extremely TOXIC mold, they had developed a RARE condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder.

Ever heard of it ? I hadn’t.

At that time I thought they were nuts, just hair-brained crazy. I mean their husbands weren’t sick, my tests came back clean, and the jobs looked beautiful.

I can honestly say that I thought they were trying to get their money back for a job WELL DONE.

But…Since I had three of them in a row, I decided to try and see if there might be anything, anything at all, to their claims of sickness……

What I learned changed my life….and could change your life too, (read on to learn more and change your life)…….what I discovered is that their noses worked actually much BETTER than a "regular"? persons nose (someone without Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder).

In fact their noses were so good they worked just like a blood-hounds’ nose!

HMMM! I began to theorize that maybe I had been POISONING ALL OF MY CUSTOMERS, but our "regular noses"? just couldn’t smell it.

I quickly began to research. Just what was in those chemicals? After all, they were EPA approved and biodegradable like (Oxine and Sporicidin).

What I discovered truly SHOCKED THEN HORRIFIED ME…

The EPA routinely approves products that contain known carcinogens (those are CANCER CAUSING chemicals)...


I quickly realized that I needed to do some research and if necessary change the chemicals that I used –FAST! So I got together with some of the country’s top scientists.

I met many very, very smart people who had already devoted their ENTIRE LIVES to the cause.

I read TONS of material about mold and the different ways to KILL MOLD. I took ALL of the good ideasthat I learned from all these sources and EXPERTS and...Then I FUSED them all together into a systemthat is absolutely LETHAL to mold but remains SAFEfor the entire family! In fact it leaves behind NOknown residual poisons that can make people sick. It cost me a SMALL FORTUNE to do. But I developed this non poison based system for my customers and there families and now to teach Mold Professional like you!



What Is In This Course and Equipment System ?

I have the answer for you.

Here's how this is going to work:

YOU GET Complete Mold Certification and Training Courses and Will be Issued a Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Mold Remediator Certificate after successful course completion! That's right I partnered up with one of the oldest Mold Certification and training organizations in the world the Professional Certification Institute [PCI] to offer a complete online training and certification program!

That's right I had to fly all the way to Hurricane Utah to receive my training all the way back in '2000, but thanks to Dr. Phil Fry, it's all available through a unique interactive online training course. You'll also Get My Personal Certification as a Safe, All Natural Mold Removal Contractor a $500 value.

- A $2500 Value

YOU GET Access to your own copy of ALL the books in my All Natural Mold Removal System:

Book #1 -The Do It Yourself Guide to Mold Prevention Inspection Testing Remediation This book is Jam Packed With Everything You’ll Need to know to solve your Own Problem MUST!!!!! Including:

Full Course Mold Inspection:

  • Find the source of the mold problem so it never comes back to haunt you
  • Real life scenarios and solutions to easily find your exact solution
  • Discover How to Know every area that could be causing the problem, No guess work!
  • Simple systemized step-by-step strategies you can use to find why mold keeps growing
  • Learn to analyze your mold problem so you begin removing it correctly
  • Discover the "tight-lipped" secrets of the mold inspectors checklist
  • You Get the keys to professional inspection procedures for all types of mold problem in your home
  • Detailed outlines and step by step procedures for mold remediation in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, attics and many, many other locations

Full Course On Mold Remediation:

After you learn how to find the source of the problem, now you will need to learn how to correctly remediate it. The book provides room by room scenarios so you will know exactly how to handle a remediation project. It will not matter if the project is in a bathroom, attic, kitchen, basement, or any other part of a house, RV, or boat. I have seen it all, dealt with it before and laid out the know-how you will need, clear and complete, in this book.

  • What equipment you will need, which is most likely in your garage already
  • Exact mold remediation procedures for many popular locations in your home
  • Simple and safe products you can use that professionals use
  • Simple systemized step-by-step strategies I used to do my own mold remediation
  • Our All Natural valuable, 6-step mold remediation process you can use immediately!-A $75 Value
Book #2 - Got Mold Now What: A basic guide to understanding and correcting mold in your home

This Book tells the story of my unique experiences with mold and mold remediation and how I developed what been called the country’s First Completely GREEN mold remediation system! -Priceless J

Book #3- Mold Home Remedy Recipes & Instructions for making low-cost fungicides and antimicrobial coatings

This book will teach you how to make the Secret Formulasthat I use to professionally eradicate mold without hurting your family, but are far more lethal than their toxic counterparts- A must have for any mold cleanup project -A $75 Value

Act now and I’ll include 3 Powerful Bonus E-Books

Bonus Book#1 -Mold Monsters How: Hidden Things You Can’t See Can Get Into Your Home. This is a book that further breaks down the basic types of molds and their health effects it is over 300 pages and is crammed full of valuable mold info. High Color Pics of mold throughout - A $75 Value

Bonus Book#2 - Mold Legal Guidebook: A compendium book of legal information necessary for understanding mold and the Law as well as understanding Mold Lawsuits and how to file them!

If you’ve been wronged by a seller landlord or other party over your mold issue this alone can be worth the cost of the entire equipment and DIY System!-A $150 Value

Bonus Book#3: THE Mold Health Guide: Molds and Mold Toxins- What you don’t know Can Hurt Your Family!

This is a Basic Health Primer to bring you up to speed on the harmful poisons molds make and how they are likely affecting your health you body and your family’s health if you suffer from mold in your Home -A $75 Value

You get access to all of the contact information to order the rest of the products needed to complete the project: - Priceless

YOU GET the Leap Frog Knowledge that took me over Ten Years to Refine and Develop the basics of the All Natural Mold Removal Pro system-Priceless

For The First Time Ever:

You'll Know Exactly How To Put My All Natural Procedures Into Action So You Will Never Have To Worry Mold Growth Recurring In Your Customers Home!

You Get ALL of My Proven Techniques to Build A Profitable Money Magnet Business...

This is the Very Same System That We Have Used to Treat Banks, Large Corporations, Government Organizations, And Hospitals. The Same System That My Licensees Pay Me Over $20,000 To Attend My Training Boot-camps In Order To Learn Directly From Me...

Here are some of the important topics that we will cover:

Phase 1

  • Prepping the home: The first thing we teach you how to do is Site Preparation. We show you how to isolate the damaged area from the rest of the house.
  • We will teach you the basics of how to protect yourselves and your customer's home from contamination during the clean up process!
  • We also explain the basics of negative air pressure and positive air pressure.
This is misunderstood by many professional contractors.
  • We will show you how to build proper air-lock doorways and how to separate any contaminated area from the rest of the house ! This is mission critical Infromation!

Phase 2

  • Kill the mold With a Fogger/Remove Moldy building materials and damaged contents: We show you how to SATURATE all of the affected areas with a special disinfectant formula that uses the amazing power of our secret formula based on Hydrogen Peroxide- Mother Nature’s miracle disinfectant.

The reason we start with this is that when mold senses it is being attacked, has a simple defense mechanism. It releases its spores into the air into an invisible or a visible cloud, a phenomenon called bursting or sporulation.

Can you see this spore cloud?

Billions of spores are released just by disturbing the mold!

Sorta’ like “argh, ya got me….now here suffer the wrath of my babies! By using an atomizing fogger we literally saturate the surfaces, killing the mold and also mechanically washing the air itself, with tiny little particles of our special H2O2 secret formula.

Hydrogen Peroxide is unique among the mold killing chemicals as it is one of only two liquids I know of that will completely destroy a spore(mold seed), without being poisonous to humans.

In fact, it leaves behind only water. The way it works is this: when you pour hydrogen peroxide onto a cut and you see it start to fizz a simple chemical reaction occurs. Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2 which is water H2O plus +O or free radical oxygen. The free radical oxygen molecule is what does all of the killing. When it is done killing the mold via oxidization, all that is left behind is pure water!

Our formula takes the benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide and amplifies them 1000 fold, using simple additional off the shelf ingredients.

This Formula, cost me hundreds of hours of research to find and thousands of hours of real world on the job field trials to perfect!

By breaking the H2O2 based Secret Formula into tiny micron sized particles it not only saturates the wood , it washes the air just like the rain washes it in nature, except our "rain"? is microscopic particles of H2O2!

The only way to get these small particles is to use a ULV Cold Fogger!

This way we kill the spores before they can spread all over. This maximizes worker safety and increases customer protection should a containment, fail.

Remove the Moldy Building Materials!

Next we show you how to begin the tedious labor intensive demolition process. Removing all contaminated porous building materials and stored contents. Demolition is hard work, and is especially hot and difficult with restricted breathing in a Tyvec suit wearing a respirator. The bagged debris is then removed and put into a dumpster…..

Phase 3

Removing the Stains. This is absolutely a must, because while truly only cosmetic in nature, failure to remove the stains will result in untrained eyes (home inspectors ) believing that the mold is still active. Removing the stains is the least important step scientifically, but it is the MOST IMPORTANT step perceptually.

There are two basic methods for performing stain removal, either chemically or via soda blasting. We either apply the stain removing solution, to the wood and wait or we go through the more costly and time consuming process of blasting the wood. The chemical process relies on the use of a strong bleaching agent.

The blasting process is more labor consuming and therefore has a HIGHER PROFIT Margin. Both will effectively offer your customers a fresh new clean looking mold free home!

Both will amaze your customers their realtor and or any new home buyer.

Cost is the differential, deciding factor and we leave which process to use entirely up to you.

Phase 4

Top Secret Mineral Salt Recipe application Sheathing and trusses:

Next and most important to the long term efficacy of the process we teach you how to actually impregnate the wood with an environmentally friendly solution of borate, mixed with a few Secret Ingredients. This is made from an extremely finely ground and specially-designed-for-dissolving borate mineral a cousin to the old fashioned 20 mule team Borax we use in our laundry.

This product is absolutely amazing. It was designed to penetrate the substrate a full inch (remember mold roots only grow 3/16’s of an inch into the wood). It not only prevents all hosts of decay and dry rot fungi but it also prevents wood boring insects carpenter ants beetles and termites.

Just Imagine, you get a complete two-for-one bonus!

Just Imagine, Mold proofing and bug proofing in one fell swoop!

Phase 5

The O3 Gas Out: Lastly, years ago when researching a safe non toxic residue mold killer, I discovered that the scientists at Los Alamos national laboratory (where the atomic bomb was developed) have extensively studied how to decontaminate a civil facility like a house or office building that has been contaminated by a spore based pathogen like toxic mold.

These scientists concluded that if you only follow the guidelines recommended for mold remediation recommended by every national mold certifying organization out there (IAQA, NAMP, IESO, IICRC Etc.) that you will leave the structure contaminated with spores after all attempts at clean up have been performed.

Why you ask?

They concluded that in order to fully decontaminate the structure/ area it is absolutely necessary to fill it full of toxic levels of a reactive gas, like ozone otherwise known as activated oxygen or O3. This gas penetrate the nooks and crannies and crevices in the attic and especially down into the insulation, where the liquid based chemicals/products can’t penetrate…. The use of the gas out is necessary in guaranteeing the destruction of any invisible spores we remediators might have missed, because we can’t see them (ten thousand to two hundred thousand spores can fit on the head of a pin).

That’s right, no matter how experienced your men are, they don’t have microscopes for eyes. This means that they cannot see the airborne or individual spores (and neither can you).

By Circulating this Oxygen gas throughout we guarantee you’ll destroy the invisible spores that will have been missed without them!

Our super powerful ozone generators fill the attic with an oxygen gas destroying mold, spores, viruses, bacteria, bugs, MVOC’s and mold.


But if you order the All Natural Mold Removal Pro System you get access to YOUR SECRET WEAPON, my uniquePatent Pending O3 Positive Pressurization Machine. This technology is what allowed me to apply fo a Patented Mold Remediation Process! It's the only one like it in the world. That's right this amazing new technology is not available to just anyone.

What Does it do That

These powerful pressurizing machines coupled with an airlock allow you to Positively Pressurize a structure with foot inches to foot pounds of O3 gas! This forces the gas into all of the nooks and crannies and hidden areas that normal air and ozone cannot penetrate, also via positive pressurization it becomes impossible for any spore to hide!

You simply cannot buy my pressurization machines without first buying into one of my Business License Systems. This means you won't have any copy cat rip off artists pretending to offer the same system!

Phase 6

Wrap-up: Finally we show you how to clean up the rest of the project and what to do to ensure this is a permanent solution.

Important Notice

Notice 1: Our ozone ratings are issued by the cell manufacturer and were laboratory tested. We are not a laboratory and we do not rate ozone generator outputs. We have designed what we believe is the most durable best high powered generator available for the best price possible. Actual ozone output in any ozone generator is dependent on many variables including but not limited to input gas, humidity, elevation, temperature air flow and many other factors. We guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the output of any of our machines in the first 15 days we will issue a complete refund. By clicking the buy now button you agree to be bound by a private agreement between the parties for the hand building of the machine design requested.

Notice 2: In life, as in business there is no guarantee of success except that which is produced by direct individual effort and achievement. Buying our business systems or equipment will not guarantee individual profit or success; your success will depend on many factors including , but not limited to geography, population, intelligence and individual effort and commitment to succeed.

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