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Odor Removal Industry Breakthrough!

Vertical Ozone Tornado (20k, 90k, 100k) US PATENT ISSUED

US Patent Issued. Additional Patents Pending

The Only Ozone Machine Using A Vertical Blower! Blows the gas directly into the air saturating the space FAST. Perfect for high ceilings commercial buildings schools gymnasiums auditoriums great rooms etc. Utilizes convention currents of air, and the natural settling of O3 as it is heavier than air. Peaks our Ozone Meter in our 14x 14 test chamber in just 7 minutes at 20 ppm's that's Blistering Ozone POWER!!!! The 100,000 mg/h unit is the backbone of our Oxygreen bedbug system.

These machines are true high volume pressurizing workhorse machines when you need massive gas and a real work horse that will stand the test of time you need these high volume high pressure Vertically Oriented blasters. They are perfect for serious Odor Removal Professionals in commercial settings and for Green Pest Control as well as for sanitizing systems for sewage treatment and other serious applications.

These amazing high output residential shock ozone machines pack a powerful punch and make contractor levels of ozone for homeowner prices. These machines are perfect for your every odor removal, mold killing, or sanitizing needs. They are rugged and move high volumes of air to get that ozone for away from the machine and get the space to high concentrations. With ozone you need to reach high levels of concentration, and these machine get there and quickly. These blasters are serious tools not toys, like the other companies make. Cigarette Smoke, Pet Odors,Mold, Mildew, Voc's, MVOC's, Mycotoxins, Spores, Viruses, Bacteria, Dust Mites and More!

Mini Vertical Ozone Blaster 20k

Nothing works Faster and Better. Best Results Guaranteed!

Vertical Ozone Tornado 90k

Nothing works Faster and Better. Best Results Guaranteed!

Vertical Ozone Tornado 100k

Guaranteed Results with the Highest Output on the Market

Note: Pressurizing hose is not included and sold separately

Vertical Horizontal Tornadoes (30k to 80k)

Ozone Generator Machines

30k Vertical Horizontal Tornadoes
PRICE: $843.00

40k Vertical Horizontal Tornadoes

50k Vertical Horizontal Tornadoes

60k Vertical Horizontal Tornadoes
PRICE: $1133.00

70k Vertical Horizontal Tornadoes
PRICE: $1273.00

80k Vertical Horizontal Tornadoes

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