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Ozone Secrets Revealed ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎(Part 1)‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ MaxBlaster, UV Light ....

Ozone Secrets Revealed (Part 2) UV light, Aizone ServPro..

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Odor Removal in Apartments: Happy Property Manager's Story

Eliminate Car Odor for 1-1.5 hours? Possible

Ozone Pros:Another Satisfied Customer

Statements in these videos have not been evaluated by any laboratory or gov't agency they are strictly our opinion and those of many of our customers based on real world feedback and years of using and testing our competitor's machines in our ozone test chamber using Eco-Sensors calibrated and certified ozone testing equipment visit  http://www.ecosensors.com/

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What Makes Us So Sure Our BiO3Blasters ARE Better?

What makes the Bio3Blaster An Outstanding Ozone Generator Value Today?

     Well folks the list is almost too long to count, but for starters, we make them virtually impossible to break under real world use situations!  Will they break?  Yes. Without intentional abuse, hardly!

1)   Our machines feature our patent pending ozone tunnel™ technology. This isolates the ozone generation to the tunnel itself, and saves on ozone breakdown of the machine components, as well as amplifying the generation of the gas by maximizing the air flow across the plates. Other companies machines rely on a fan placed at the far end of the box finding it way past all of the transformers and equipment in the middle where it finally weakly passes across the cells, this results in less O3 output.  (US patent office. Note the serial/ Application number 61311194 )

2) We use only the finest fastener materials, all of the fasteners we use are top quality stainless steel.  Stainless steel will not corrode oxidize or rust in the highly aggressive O2 stream.  Most companies use regular iron or steel screws and fasteners which degrade and rust, quickly when exposed to the gas.  (source: http://www.ozonesolutions.com/info/ozone-compatible-materials)

3)  All of the custom machined plastic we use in our equipment is the more expensive A Rated for ozone High Density Poly-Ethylene. This stuff is dense enough to stop cosmic rays!  Many other companies rely on cheaper plastic usually PVC which has only a B Rating, and can degrade with time inside of an ozone machine, and means the machines break faster. (source: http://www.ozoneapplications.com/info/ozone_compatible_materials.htm)

4)  We use a double back- up for safety, that’s right we use not one, but two fuses. First we offer the standard 10 amp fuse that the rest of the ozone companies use, but then we couple it with a Thermal Fuse this is a FIRE SAFETY fuse that will turn off your machine, if it ever gets too hot for safe function, just like a modern hairdryer. No one else’s machine we have tested use these! This makes our machines among the absolute safest ozone machines to use  that we have ever purchased used or tested!   (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermal_cutoff)  

5)  We use only top quality American Made silver plated silicone coated wires. This premium wiring ensures that the machines will continue to run day in day out week in week out even with high voltage and the extreme stress of a high ozone shock type of an environment.  Most companies use cheap non-plated  standard copper coated with standard plastic which breaks down in the presence of ozone, when the wires insulation gets brittle it can get hot and catch fire!   (source: http://www.caton.com/wp-content/uploads/High-Voltage-Silicone-Wire.pdf   http://www.who-sucks.com/business/made-in-china-2007-danger-timeline)

6) Our generator cell paddles are some of the most durable, best performing plates we have tested. Our high tech cells are made from premium ceramic and nickle or in our long life cells nickle-tungsten these plates will never ever burn through like inferior glass or mica plates. They are literally space age cells that can be changed in 5 minutes by an average person with a simple screwdriver.  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceramic_materials   http://www.ozonegenerator20000.com/home/care-and-maintainance)

7)  We build our machines into some of the most durable cases available for any price then we bolt ‘em down and strap ‘em in ! Most of our competitors use heavy thin bent sheet metal to make their cases and they are clumsy heavy affairs at best! FRAGILE at worst! /Disclaimer: Warning folks, This is just our expert opinion folks, these statements are strictly based on our experience and belief based on many years of real world ozone use in our nation wide mold remediation business and selling and consulting with ozone customers from around the world/

                     Don’t take my word for it our field tests prove it! Be sure you watch our strength and durability videos!
                                                                           Watch our strength and durability videos.

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1 year Unlimited Service Warranty:

 1 year Unlimited Service Warranty:    We are so certain that our machines are un-paralleled in terms of output durability and reliability, that for one year from the date of shipment we will completely repair or replace the machine FREE regardless of abuse from the buyer (Drop it in acid, smash it with a hammer, shoot it with a 30 ought six, or run it over with a truck!).  The cost for the repair and or replacement to the consumer is NOTHING. Additionally if the buyer elects he may participate in our LIFETIME GUARANTEE program which will extend these benefits forever, turning your machine into an undead ozone zombie. There is a $100 per annum renewal fee that is applicable. No other terms or conditions apply except that the shipping is the cost of the buyer.

Notice 1:  Our ozone ratings are issued by the cell manufacturer and were laboratory tested. We are not a laboratory and we do not rate ozone generator outputs. We have designed what we believe is the most durable best high powered generator available for the best price possible. Actual ozone output in any ozone generator is dependent on many variables including but not limited to input gas, humidity, elevation, temperature air flow and many other factors. We guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the output of any of our machines in the first 15 days we will issue a complete refund. By clicking the buy now button you agree to be bound by a private agreement between the parties for the hand building of the machine design requested.

Notice 2: In life, as in business there is no guarantee of success except that which is produced by direct individual effort and achievement. Buying our business systems or equipment will not guarantee individual profit or success; your success will depend on many factors including , but not limited to geography, population, intelligence and individual effort and commitment to succeed.

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