Get Sanityzed™ Commercial Sanitizing Business

We have had so many success stories that have come from our Odor Removal business that you would think we would just stop there and continue to help folks like you start their own odor removal businesses; but if you've begun to feel like you've known me for a while, you know I can never stop creating new Inventions and systems for solving problems.

I just love hearing from my customers how they've have had there lives changed after starting their own Odor Removal or Mold Remediation business. But the More I thought about it, the more I realized that the Odor Removal business model could be expanded and improved. You see my first business of basement waterproofing taught me some valuable lessons. I learned that business partnerships were like marriages and I also discovered what I considered to be a major flaw that plagues MOST service based, business models. That flaw is that many business models rely on what I call: the once and done model. That means that the product being offered is a one time sale, type of a business model. Take basement waterproofing, when you waterproof the customers basement the Right Way, the Super Dry way ( www.superdrybasement.com ) there is no more water. This makes the customer very happy.

So why the crying boy?

While it makes the customer happy, it makes me very sad.

Why you ask?

That means that I will never see that customer again, unless they move into a new house with a water problem, a very unlikely event. If I never see them again, it means I can never earn any more money for myself even though they were thrilled with my service and would want to give me money I only had something to offer them. That means businesses that are one-time -only- types, are good, but not necessarily the best.

You see the more I studied marketing and business success systems the more I realized that what was the driving factor behind the wealthiest men and best business systems, was that they all shared a simple single common denominator, what I call the "J Paul Getty Factor".

Who was J. Paul Getty?

He was one of Americas wealthiest men and one of its very first BILLIONAIRES. J Paul Getty was made famous for his saying that the "first rule of success in creating wealth is to sell a consumable commodity". That is a good, or a commodity that gets consumed or eaten up and needs to be repurchased, only to be consumed again.

Hey Charlles, what does that have to do with me ?

You might ask yourself? Well I'll tell you. When you apply the "J Paul Getty Rule" to a service business, it translates into what I call the recurring service model. Or the repeat purchase model or the ongoing contract model, if you prefer. With repeat service and/or repeat purchases; even very small monthly fees can add up into tremendous revenues, over time! Just look at HBO, only $15-$20 per month and they continue to win all the movie and tv awards and are able to fund many multi-million dollar projects every year!

Back to my thoughts on why the Odor-Blasters business is very good, but not great. The only way to generate recurring revenue in it, is to land large customers, that have a high turnover, that gets stinky. Things like apartment buldings and REO realtors and car dealerships... swine and chicken barns, kennels and dog pounds, the list goes on and on.........so with Odor Blasters, there are on going revenue opportunities, but not every customer becomes one.

Don't get me wrong this is what we teach you to go after with our marketing system. It's what our best customers are doing to with our Odor Blaster system; but this is not where I believe the opportunities, using our equipment. It is a nice staple revenue, but it misses the larger part of the market and the lacks the "J Paul Getty Rule". So I began to work out a newer better model.

I conceived of a completely new type of business system, using our unique ozone equipment coupled with two very new and very special technologies, that we do not produce, but we marry together beautifully with our unique equipment. The result is an awesome new service business called Get Sanityzed™

One of my best friends in high school has a wife who works for a retired scientist from 3M. It all started when we were chatting at Spring some years ago, about what we each had going on in our lives, when were were visiting our parents homes in our hometown. I began to share a little bit with him about some ideas I was having for our new equipment. He told me all about his wife's boss and a new type of nano-coating he had developed that killed germs on the surfaces of objects walls ceilings and furniture in occupied spaces. He told me that this product would create a sort of nano-spike coating on the surfaces of things that would be impaled when microbes landed on them. He was describing a mechanical method of killing that sounded in keeping with my GREEN principles that I though would work amazingly well with my new equipment.


Mold Spore


After the holiday season I began to do further research on this nano-coating and a series of many others, just like it. What I discovered was that the mechanical impalation model described, was not an accurate representation of what really was happening when the germ or microbe was being killed. I discovered that it was more of a chemical binding, and then that the chemical composition was not necessarily safe or non toxic until it was dried completely and it certainly was not Green, but it was none the less effective.

I discovered that one of the things needed to apply the product safely was TRAINING and personal protective equipment, and that most of the companies that offer it under brand names like Biozone just aren't honest with their customers about the extremely important safety procedures needed to safely install and apply it, but we will make sure that you have all the tools you need to start using this product and making your customers happy and safe.

As good as this nano technology is and as good as a continuing revenue stream, is for your business model I knew I need to do more research, because though the germ kill action of the other coating works it is still lacking in ongoing odor control. I began studying, ( one of my favorite things to do)- I studied nano-coatings and and their capabilities, as well as the various types that were available, to be used. I found that the type of nano-coating that would work best with my system were not only the organo-silanes that offer just effective microbe killing, but rather, a unique new category of nano-coatings, that used a something new called a photo-catalyst.

Bear With me Folks I am Going to Get a Little Technical! When working with photo-catalyzation, the nano-coating reacts with light and with ambient atmospheric gases. I decided to study oxidative photo-catalysts. What I discovered was remarkable. It was the perfect compliment for our HIGH POWERED O3 Shock Treatment technology, by offering ongoing odor control in between the ozone treatment and by protecting the surfaces from oxidative degradation from routine exposure to ozone a win win combination. Better yet it is the missing link in the recipe or formula that is required to convert the Odor Removal Business into an evergreen, revenue generating "J Paul Getty Factor" based business model.

A little more about Photo-catalytic nano-coatings......

How do They Work?

They way that they work is really quite simple. Study the diagrams above carefully. When a surface or an object is coated with a photo catalyst and it is exposed to light and atmospheric moisture and gasses, it has a rapid reaction. First when light hits a TiO2 particle, a free electron and a positive charge are generated.

Next an Oxygen free radical is produced when water in the air interacts with the positive charge. Then the oxygen free radicals oxidize and "chew up" the bacteria viruses and mold spores by puncturing a hole in the the cell wall of the microbe and destroying the organism. Additionally, there are HO hydroxyl radicals and Super oxide ions created these work the same way our unique Hydroxyl generating machines work and literally turn the walls and the surfaces in the structure into full time hydroxyl generating surfaces, killing odors, and germs. This happens over and over again resulting in a clean an microorganism free surface for over a year to come*.

Many nano-coatings will survive up to 80 water washings and still keep on working. The reason they never get used up until they are frictionally removed, is that they rely on atmospheric water to provide the substance that does the killing, in this case our notorious friend, from the ozone business world, free radical oxygen, coupled with ambient light, it doesn't matter whether or not it is daylight fluorescent light or even incandescent light they all work the same with the coating . That's right these coatings when properly applied to objects and surfaces in a residential or commercial structure will keep killing germs long after they have been applied with the power of Oxygen!

But it gets even better they do not just kill germs they destroy odors and VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and MVOC's (microbial volatile organic compounds), day in and day out, week in week out in between the monthly ozone treatment s which you will supply! That's right they destroy germs and odors on an ongoing basis. In our modern society many of the manufactured goods like carpet and paint off gas poisonous chemicals all day long! That's right just like with our high powered ozone shock treatments; treating a surface with the nano-coating guarantees no microbial growth in between the high powered ozone gas shock treatments, and when it is done with the photo-catalyst it relies on the GREEN power of oxygen.

How is it applied?

Our nano-coating can be applied in one of two ways. The first way involves the least equipment purchase. You can apply it using a professional HVLP spray coating gun. A decent one costs around $700.

This will make a fine mist of the nano-particles and can be used "on the cheap" to get started in this amazing new business. Using an HVLP sprayer does have a drawback. It uses nearly twice as much nano-coating to accomplish the same task. It also must be sprayed manually on all the sides and surfaces of a 3D object in order to be effective and coat the entire product or surface.

This is something else the less than honest marketers like the Biozone are reluctant to tell people as the investment required to make the nanocoating most effective requires a bigger investment. Some even say to just use a fogger which will use nearly three times as much product, and since they make their money selling the Biozone or like products and you use twice or three times as much, it is better for them, for you to be less effective in helping your customers. They keep on laughing all the way to the bank. Using an HVLP sprayer or a fogger is is more time consuming and cumbersome.

What is the Best Way to Apply It?

Using an Electrostatic Spray System with the Wraparound Electrostatic Charge Effect!

This amazing new technology allows the user to save 60% more material than traditional HVLP technology. Since nano-coating are expensive this is very important! Also since the static charge generates the wraparound effect it radically decreases the time necessary to perform a treatment or application!

When you couple the power of electrostatic spraying with Our Odor Gone Ozone system and the Oxi-Green Nano Coating you create an unendurable situation for microbes. You will be blown away by the efficacy and your customers will be too!

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